Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A day at the Grocery -Victoria Plaza mall

At First, Our Little Gabe, doesnt want to have his photo taken on that christmas tree, but when he saw hi big brother doing it, He asked me to take his picture.:) it was fast and FUN!!

Just this December, me, my husband and my two kids, wen to the Grocery.And on our way to the Parking Lot, I saw someone going out of his car with his camera and a couple of his family members>:0 I wondered why and when i looked around, i saw the lights at the Parking area of the Victoria Plaza Mall.They have this beautiful christmas Trees,and i saw some people having their pictures taken beside those beautiful lights.
I rememberwe have our sony camera in my bag.Thats a good thing with a handy and small camera, you can carry them anywhere.;

here are the photos i took and i would like to share it with you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rafael the Japanese Boy

R2 celebrated their United Nations in school this morning and i was able to attend.:) Just have to sit once in a while,Im srill recovering after the threatened abortion.:( Doing things slow, and more careful this time.
Here are the cute photos i would like to share.:)
This is Aiko ,his classmate, the japanese girl.:)

More school photos here.

And here is a video of the school dance. You can see, R2 is not moving so much, i know its because of his wooden clogs.:) I asked him to change into his crocs before the dance starts but he still prefers the wooden clogs (BAKYA).I wasnt able to get a good view because i need to sit .:) Im in charge of the video while his Dads taking pics.

I hope you enjoy watching.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sky watch Friday

Heres my entry to skywatch Friday
This is one of our General Santos City Trip where our camera was kept in a bag,and i could hardly get it before we pass this part of the city.Again good thing my husband has his sony ericsson camera phone..! The car was moving fast and i could hardly get a clear and nice shot.I was amazed to see the colors and lines that the sunset created.Maybe for others,this is common,but for me this is something that could make my day especially when doing a long distance trip.:)


Heres my first entry to this photo hunt.
I took this photo when we got our new camera.I was in bed sick with flu and having a morning sickness.So i can only take photos of what i can see in the room.These are my husbands' car key on a string and my sons' sunglasses pouch with a string on it.:)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

View from da top

here's another photo of R2 and his schoolmates.:) My husband and Gabe, went to the second floor and took this shot with his 2megapixel cameraphone.He has to go around so Gabe wont get bored.
I hope you could see R2 in the first row,he is the fourth student standing.The first line (row) are the kinder 2,next are the grade one and so on.When he took this photo the highschool students are not yet there.

We were there

Yes, we are all there on R2's first day of school!! when we enter the school gate, we are welcomed by greetings from gurls (teenagers)maybe 4th or third year students "Welcome to St. Paul".Everybody looks excited,as well as the parents who are there.We went directly to look for Kuya's room,and we pick the blue table for him to sit while waiting for the assembly time.

We also have some photo session after that.hehehe...Here are some of the photos.

Third day of class

Its my son R2's third day of class today.He is already sleeping.Which is something new for us.:)
He usually sleeps late at night,and since the class started,HE KNOWS HE HAS TO SLEEP EARLY.Im thankful its not so hard to let him understand that.:) -that he needs to be early to bed so he wont be late for school the next day.:)
Yesterday was his second day in school and i heard him said...So you mean we have to do this everyday? (the waking up early part)...we just said"you may not wake up early on saturday and sunday!! he just replied " OOOOHHHH!! with a smile.Well i dont think he already have the idea of a Saturday and Sunday yet.:) We will know that on saturday.
So, for are some selected photos we have on his first day in school...We forgot our camera (maybe because we were too excited) hehehe..Thank God my hubby has a nice camera phone.It has 2 megapixel camera.Not bad!! It still got really nice shot of my sons first day in school.Well we are not the only parents taking photos.hehehe..As expected,there are also other parents of elementary students who are there with them.

While waiting for the students to assemble,we take a look at the big soccer field of their school. (St.Paul Pasig- davao) This photos are from Ericsson W850.I love how it captured the color green of the field.


that he fell in LOVE with the first time he tried it and its 2 size bigger!

One of the things i am excited about my son going to school is---buying his school shoes.He knows and he can still remember what i wanted for him for his school shoes.When we went to Gaisano mall, i told him we were going to buy his shoes..He looked at me and said "So, its my turn now." He said that because the last time we were at that store, we bought shoes for his brother(the one that Gabe is wearing in the photo) and he only tried the school shoes we want for him. (he already liked it!)
Good thing the shoes we like still there and so we tried it on his foot (btw,only the Gmall branch of Florsheim kids has that specific model.) He said he liked it and he knows that was the one he tried before.He is smiling and i can see he is so happy.But i still insist that we will fit the size that really fits him.And so we did but he keeps on saying " Its too narrow for him and he doesnt like it! But that was his shoe size!!! So i asked my husband to help me decide.R2 got that shoes he fell in love with!!! and its two size bigger!!"because it feels like the first time i wear my crocs mom!" i guess that means comfort.Well,works for me! :) because he is going to wear it everyday and it has to be comfortable. The good thing about having that shoe size is---it has a lot of allowance for a fast growing footsies! :) I just hope its durable like we expect it to be.
Look at the picture.Is it that obvious?